MediaRange CD-R 800MB|90min 48x speed, Cake 25


MediaRange CD-R 800MB|90min 48x speed, Cake 25

MediaRange CD-R storage media with additional storage capacity are great for quickly and efficiently archiving your data.  The denser configuration of the helix (compression of the tracks) and maximum utilization of the disc space right up to the edge lets you archive up to 200MB more compared with regular CD-R media. The excellent recording stability allows your data to be saved in just 1.9 minutes with writing speeds of up to 48x.  The superb compatibility with CD burners and players ensures that you can access your personal photos, documents, music, videos and backups anywhere and at any time.  Our entire range of storage media are known for their long archival life and excellent UV light resistance.  The scratch resistant surface provides your data with additional protection from everyday wear and tear.


  • Capacity: 800MB
  • Speed: up to 48x
  • Packaging: cake 25
  • Surface: MediaRange branded
  • Long archival life

  • Excellent compatibility with CD burners and players
  • Burner must support overburn function
  • Burning instructions available as download under support
  • UV light resistant
  • Suitable for labeling with CD/DVD/BD markers


  • Archiving your files
  • Creating backups
  • Saving and sharing files

Burn instruction:

Please download the burn instruction for MediaRange CD-R 800MB|90min and CD-R 900MB|100min medias here.


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